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Glenbard Township High School District 87
Policy 2:150-R2

Board of Education

Administrative Procedure – Special Advisory Committees

General Guidelines

All Special Advisory committees shall serve in an advisory capacity only, with the responsibility for any action stemming from a Committee’s recommendations resting with the Superintendent and/or Board.

Whenever an Advisory Committee is established, the following aspects of the Committee shall be specified in writing:

1. Name

2. Specific purpose(s)

3. Size, membership source, and selection procedure

4. Period of existence

5. Nature of product to Superintendent and/or Board

The Superintendent and/or board shall have the power to dissolve any Advisory Committee.

Advisory Councils

The following regulations apply to Building Level Citizens’ Advisory councils (CAC):

1. Name

The name of the committee shall be “Glenbard _________________________ Advisory Council”.

2. Purpose

The purpose of the councils is to provide a means for eliciting the views of residents and staff of the attendance area on the operation of the school and/or Policies affecting academic and student affairs. The Councils shall serve in an advisory capacity only, with the responsibility for any action stemming from a Council’s recommendations resting with the Administrative staff.

3. Functions

The functions of the Councils will be:

a. Increase two-way communication between the school and community.

b. Serve as a study group for specific topics or projects as determined by the Building Principal and the Council.

c. Make recommendations to the Building Principal and/or the Superintendent through the Building Principal when deemed appropriate by the Citizens’ Advisory Council.

4. Membership

Membership is open to all residents and staff of the attendance area.

a. All interested residents will be welcome and accepted as members in accordance with Council bylaws.

b. A member is expected to attend meetings regularly.

c. A member is expected to respect the rights and opinions of fellow council members.

d. A member is expected to refrain from discussing any individual, or solving his/her own child’s particular problem during Council meetings.

e. A member is expected to study carefully any problems brought before the group.

5. Executive Board

Each council shall have an executive board consisting of the Building Principal and the following officers elected each year from among non-staff, adult Council members: Chairman, Vice-Chairman (responsible for publicity), and Secretary.

The Superintendent shall meet at least once annually with the Executive Board.

6. Operational Ground Rules

a. Each Council shall meet as necessary as determined by the Council itself.

b. all meetings shall be open to the public, and the Councils will invite District residents to observe their proceedings through personal contacts and the media.

c. Each Council shall send its membership list and the minutes of its meetings to the Building Principal and to the Superintendent.

d. Each Council will make use of consultants from within and without the staff of the school system and the student body as needed.

e. Each Council shall evaluate its operation at least annually.

f. Each Council may adopt bylaws provided they do not conflict with the regulations set forth herein.

g. Funding for the approved activities of the Council shall be included as part of the budget for the operation of the buildings’ administrative offices.

DATED:        March, 1999

REVIEWED: November 21, 2005

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